Accuracy Without the Worry 

5230 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite 114

San Diego, CA 92121


Your Outsource Laboratory Partner

We serve as an outsource partner to pathology laboratories providing solutions for difficult cases, specialized testing and temporary staffing needs. Whatever your challenge is, we are here

as a resource to help you serve your clients and patients.


With Danner Laboratory as your pathology laboratory partner, you benefit from:

•  An easy and cost effective way to expand your test menu and increase revenue. Send your complex tests to us, saving you the cost of expensive instruments and test validation

•  Consults on difficult cytology problems to improve client service and patient care

•  A cost-effective solution for processing your labor intensive/ low reimbursed tests

•  Outsource cytotechnologists for slide screening utilizing your forms, screening codes and standards to reduce your overhead

•  Quick turnaround to ensure the highest level of client service and patient care


When you need a lab partner, turn to Danner Laboratory;

•   All cytotechnologists have over 15 years’ experience

•   Our Medical Director and are UCSD pathologists

•   We consistently have a low unsatisfactory rate of 0.5%

•   You can always talk with a live person to get your questions answered

•   We can input results directly into your EHR system